News Item: New Pages - Hammers, Bearing Plates
(Category: Misc)
Posted by randall
Tuesday 15 September 2009 - 17:30:56

There is a new page, and linked to it from the product list. This page contains all the hammers we sell. Hammers from framing hammers, engineer's hammers, and sledge hammers. All products that are a type of hammer, will be linked to this page. As in, if you click on Sledge hammers in the product list, you will be linked to the Hammers page.

Sledge Hammers
Engineer Hammers

There's also a new page for Bearing Plates, on the page there's a list of the sizes in width and length and the size of the hole.

Bearing Plates

This news item is from Delano Supply - Newberg, Oregon
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